Reflektion Designs - Anitra Terrell Self-Care with Creating your Creative Space

A few weeks back I spoke with Anitra Terrell the creative founder of Reflektion Designs. She designs decor for culturally inspired people who love unique, colorful pieces reflektive of who they are. Using a curated approach to sourcing textiles and a discerning eye for pattern. She offers products that help you to create a home that feels collected not decorated. Say goodbye to humdrum decor and hello to decor that sparks conversations and makes you smile every time you walk into your space. Anitra is such a fun person and how we met is a little crazy! We didn't even know we knew each other! Her answer to our journal prompt is really positive and rings true to us women entrepreneurs. 

Anitra has such an interesting back story and how her business became a reality story. We dive into that more in depth and listen to her describe her journey from 2006 to where she is now is so interesting. Her products are beautiful and unique. She offers a wide range of products for your home and person including journals! Can't wait to get my hands on one of those! So tune in and enjoy my chat with Anitra!

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