Ignite and Write Monthly Subscription Box

Does this sound familiar?

I have always loved to write! 

I wrote in my family expensive encyclopedias when I was young, on the back of old photos, book cover jackets you name it.. my backward letters would make their way into them.

Journaling has been one of my most favorite pieces of art that I have been able to create.    I don’t draw nor paint as if I have studied the arts, but the thoughts and words that I use to tell my story is my art medium.  No one can tell my story like you and get all the details right.

Many people like yourself have longed to make journaling a habit forming practice but then get overwhelmed.  I have helped people to ignite the desire to write and to find fun and practical ways to make journaling an intricate part of their daily self-care routine.  

Journaling for me can be igniting a candle, cozy socks and curled up on an overstuffed chair and gazing out of a big window overlooking the forest.  Ooh yeah as I sip my warm beverage and begin to allow my words melt onto the pages of my journal.  

Then I switch it to my current reality and my journal stays with me.  I write when I am waiting for my name to be called in the doctor’s office, I pull it out when I am waiting for a friend who is not as punctual as I and out comes the journal and pen and I write.     

Journaling is liberating! Will you  allow me to help you free yourself and stake your claim, as you seek to discover some beautiful truths about yourself?

Imagine daily you had words to pen down in your journal.

How would you feel if you had a community of other paper junkies, notebook carries and candle “sparkers” to speak with and cheered on?

You turn the page in your journal and you gasp… it is the last page in your journal.  Your candle flickers as you smile and flip through all those pages of inky lines and doodles you feel accomplished. 

Introducing: Ignite and Write Subscription Box

The Investment

Candle of the Month ($30)

A lovely handcrafted soy wax candle awaits you in this bundle. Each month a beautiful scent will be delivered to your mailbox.

Journaling Cards ($26)

You receive a set of journaling cards that you can either shake up inside a jar… or even the box it came in and select a card to prompt you to write in your favorite journal

Monthly Masterclass ($297)

Each month we will explore the creative process together allowing room for self-exploration. During these masterclasses we will practice a variety of ways to keep your journaling from getting stale.

Journaling Community ($197.00)

We can meet online anytime with each other in our own special community. No need to worry if you don't have social media this is an exclusive meet up spot.

Total Value: $550/mo. | Your Cost: $47/mo.

The investment price for this membership is $47.00 monthly (plus shipping) until you cancel.  Boxes will ship out starting on the 20th of every month. 

Are You Ready To:

Boost your mood?

Enhance your sense of well-being?

Releasing pent-up feelings and everyday stress?